An Extra•Ordinary Celebration 2022


An Extra•Ordinary Celebration 2022

Celebration 2022

Watch the replay, as we celebrate all abilities with music and performances by over 300 talents from special needs and mainstream organisations.

An Extra•Ordinary Celebration 2022 was successfully held on 16th November 2022, making its grand return back to University Cultural Centre Hall in National University Singapore. After a two-year hiatus, 350 performers from 17 Special Education (SPED) schools, mainstream schools and organisations whisked the audience off on a 90-minute magical musical journey. The concert showcased well-loved performing art forms like dance, festive drums and silat, and introduce exciting new ones such as puppetry. Hand and shadow puppets will be performed by the Extra•Ordinary Puppeteers, a heartwarming group made up of children teaming with their parents.

Since the inaugural edition in 2018, hundreds of performers from Special Education (SPED) schools have partnered, interacted and rehearsed with mainstream schools or organisations for their performances. It is through this process that Extra•Ordinary People seeks to nurture more embracing and understanding attitudes in our young, building the foundation for a more inclusive society.

The theme of the 2022 concert is "REVIVE, REVITALISE & REUNITE!" where Extra•Ordinary People and the performers remind Singapore and the world about the diverse talents and abilities of the differently abled, inject renewed energy through new art forms, and reunite with performers, caregivers, volunteers and partners who have contributed and grown with the concert.

More than just a concert, An Extra•Ordinary Celebration is a journey and a process towards a society built on empathy, compassion and diversity.

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