Our Journey

Extra•Ordinary People, established in July 2017 as a registered charity, endeavours to enable and support children and individuals with special needs in forming an inclusive society. 

Since February 2018, we have been operating at Extraordinary Place @ Beach Road, a Performing Arts Centre providing students with special needs access to the performing arts.  

Inclusion recognises that everyone has value and can contribute. Singapore can take the lead as an Inclusive society fuelled by compassion, supported by well-equipped carers and driven by corporate leadership.

We have obtained Institution of Public Character (IPC) status as of September 2018. 

Who We Are

We are a community of compassionate individuals dedicated to making a difference in the lives of those with special needs. 

Our Vision

An inclusive and Extra•Ordinary Singapore!

Our Mission

To support every person with special needs in Singapore through community-supported initiatives.

Our Core Values

Compassion, Inclusiveness, Integrity, Respect

Our Philosophy

We partner with you and your child through team-based support in your child’s learning and developmental journey.

Why Extraordinary

We call ourselves Extra•Ordinary People because we are all ordinary people who consciously decide to go the extra mile. The dot between “Extra” and “Ordinary” in our logo symbolises the heart required to make a difference. The colours in the word “Extra” represent diversity and inclusivity.