Our Approach/Our Philosophy

At Extra•Ordinary People, we believe that   

  • The children we receive in our programmes are agents of their own learning 
  • The environment shall be rich with opportunities to learn, be curious, and engage 
  • Each person has a brain and nervous system that is wired uniquely 
  • Every child is celebrated and honoured for their uniqueness

In line with these principles, every child will reap the rewards of personalized intervention goals carefully crafted from an individualised curriculum designed to cater to their unique needs and strengths.

How do we achieve this?

  • By utilising Brain-based teaching practices. We embrace a holistic approach to education, recognizing the interconnectedness of the brain and its natural learning process.

  • We strongly emphasise a Family-Centric Approach, actively involving caregivers in the process by communicating and collaborating with them regularly.

  • We embrace Integrative Approaches when working with our children and youth, tailoring our methods to suit each client’s needs and utilising diverse techniques and tools to effectively engage them.

The Extra•Ordinary Campus Framework

The Extra•Ordinary Campus is our flagship programme which offers a holistic approach to creating new pathways for post-18 families with special needs. 

Working with multiple partners, this programme aims to spot, develop and manage talents to forge independent pathways for our beneficiaries.