Extraordinary Music Company

About the Extra•Ordinary Music Company

Extra•Ordinary Music Company (EMC) stands as a Performing Arts Vocational Programme initiated by Extra•Ordinary People (EPL), a charitable organisation holding Institute of Public Character (IPC) status in Singapore. Tailored specifically for special needs youths aged 12 and beyond 18, EMC is dedicated to transforming lives through the expressive realm of performing arts.

At EPL, our belief in the potential within every individual drives our mission to recognise and nurture the performing arts talents of youths with special needs. Through EMC’s individualised development programs, we harness the magnetic force of performing arts to positively impact the lives of these individuals, offering alternative opportunities for vocation and income.

Who the Extra•Ordinary Music Company Serves

The performing members of Extra•Ordinary Music Company are youth with varying special needs and are passionate about performing.

Overview of the Extra•Ordinary Music Company

Performing Arts Development Programme

A bridging programme for youth with special needs interested in the performing arts to progress as a performer and the opportunity to lead to academic pursuit in performing arts. This is a curated developmental programme with accreditation by the academic board of Singapore Raffles Music College to amateur performers.

Extra•Ordinary Light Orchestra

The Extra•Ordinary Light Orchestra (ELO) is part of the Extra•Ordinary Music Company (EMC), providing a sanctuary of opportunity for youths with special needs.

Established in August 2023, the ELO comprises seven young musicians under the direction of Mr. Damien Lim from the Ministry of Bellz. The seven-piece band plays the keytar, guitar, violin, and percussions, a light set-up with a strong sound. These young gentlemen on the autism spectrum are aged between 12 to 25 years old. Some attend The Extraordinary Campus in tandem, receiving instruction and guidance in life skills that help them become more independent individuals with viable vocations, particularly within the performing arts.


Formed in September 2023. Under the tutelage of vocal coach Mrs Kwek of Khee Studio, this group of students has a repertoire of contemporary compositions. The concept of a pop choir is that anyone who can speak can be nurtured to sing.

Enriching Opportunities: Supported Groups within Extra•Ordinary Music Company

EMC also runs weekly Body Percussion and Drumming lessons for interested youth who may have little or no background in music.

Body percussion and Drumming in a group setting provide a fun and inclusive way for individuals with special needs to improve motor skills, socialization, and overall well-being.

Participants engage in rhythmic movements together, fostering a sense of unity and belonging. These activities promote social interaction and communication skills as individuals coordinate their movements with others. Additionally, body percussion enhances body awareness and proprioception, aiding in sensory integration and self-regulation.

The rhythmic nature of these two activities also supports cognitive development, including memory, attention, and sequencing abilities.

Music for All to Experience

Our commitment surpasses conventional methods as we aspire to unlock our participants’ abilities and creativity in a safe environment. EMC programs serve as platforms for self-expression and creative growth, empowering individuals to showcase their talents. As our performers develop, we want to build bridges of understanding and inclusivity within the community. Collaborating with performing arts partners, we aim to heighten the self-confidence of our youths.

We seek to provide a context for youth with special needs to refine their interpersonal communication skills, promoting personal growth and skill development. Additionally, we are committed to encouraging parent bonding by supporting parents in discovering the potential of their child and facilitating connections within the community to enhance awareness.

As part of our holistic approach, we strive to establish an ecosystem of support, creating a comprehensive system that nurtures and uplifts youths with special needs and their families.

Support Extra•Ordinary Music Company (EMC) as we journey through the extraordinary power of performing arts. Let’s cultivate a community that embraces diversity, creativity, and inclusivity together.

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