The Extra•Ordinary Campus

Why consider The Extra•Ordinary Campus?

We recognise that teenagers with disabilities do not just ‘graduate’ from school and take on job roles easily.    

Over half of the persons with disabilities in Singapore face significant hurdles in accessing suitable services and support beyond age 18, leading to a challenging transition into adulthood.  

Providing an individualised curriculum to address these specific needs, The Extra•Ordinary Campus ensures that participants and their families receive vital support and guidance for independent living and employability areas.  

Our Campus Programme is designed to bridge the engagement gap for post-18 youth and families by providing a longer guided pathway to support and identify relevant vocational courses, thereby enhancing their employability.

This programme addresses the need for more support many face in Independent Living Skills and Job Training. We impart essential life skills and job-specific abilities to enhance their independence.  

To further support our post-18 group, The Extra•Ordinary Campus Scholarship is available for applicants. Partnerships with Allspice and Singapore Raffles Music College provide our post-18 beneficiaries with certification opportunities in their chosen vocations.   

Participants may find employment in various sectors such as Arts, Food & Beverage, Horticulture, Retail, Cleaning, Logistics Support & Maintenance, and more. We provide additional training and support through our Creative Lab, Orientation and Mobility Training. 

Enrolment Process

  1. The initial interview session first establishes an understanding of the Caregiver’s and Child’s needs.

  2. Next comes the Trial session, where the child and trainer are engaged in specific tasks to assess a client’s suitability for the campus programme.

  3. Campus Trainers then discuss and decide intake suitability. Training objectives and Learning support needs are also planned at this stage.

  4. Caregivers are informed of training plans and objectives. Goals and interventions are also agreed on at this stage.

Who Is Suitable?

The Extra•Ordinary Campus welcomes youth with disabilities. Prospective applicants who have completed their education in the Special Education School system are encouraged to apply. Moreover, individuals not employed for various reasons or unsuccessful in past internships will also be considered. 

Caregivers planning the next steps for their children who are approaching 18 and are unsure where to seek the next steps for their children are welcome to visit our Centre and talk to our Campus Trainers. 

Applicants are expected to be capable of basic self-care and should not engage in self-harming behaviours. Additionally, they should be able to follow simple instructions from our Campus trainers. 

Upon entry into the programme, each participant will have a personalised roadmap planned and agreed upon to address their specific needs and goals. Successful applicants will be assessed for their suitability for small group learning to ensure effective collaboration and engagement. 

Book A Consultation

If you would like more information or are unsure about any aspects of The Extra•Ordinary Campus programme, get in touch with us at Extra•Ordinary People by filling the form below!