Inclusive Employment

Inclusive Employment: Embrace Diversity, Unlock Potential

After graduation from special schools in Singapore, many individuals with disabilities struggle to find employment and stay home. In fact, between 2020 and 2022, only 30% of persons with disabilities were employed.

At Extra•Ordinary People, we are committed to positively impacting the corporate world. We collaborate closely with organizations, offering guidance and strategies to promote inclusive practices. By partnering with us, your company can be at the forefront of embracing diversity, fostering an inclusive culture, and achieving greater business success.

Where we stand
Our mission aligns with the Enabling Masterplan 2030 (EMP2030), which aims to increase the employment rate of persons with disabilities to 40%, employing an additional 10,000 individuals over the few years.

What does it mean for companies?
Inclusive hiring means recognizing all employees’ value and unique contributions, regardless of their special needs. Working with diverse individuals brings new perspectives, ideas, and innovative thinking to your organization.

By embracing inclusion, your company creates an environment that nurtures creativity, drives innovation, and enhances problem-solving abilities. Investing in personal growth leads to exceptional employees and better overall company performance.

Join us in promoting inclusive employment, unlocking the potential of every individual, and reaping the benefits of a diverse and thriving workforce.

The Extra᛫Ordinary Apprenticeship Programme (EAP)

Extra᛫Ordinary Apprenticeship Programme (EAP): Bridging the Gap to Employment

Our Extra᛫Ordinary Apprenticeship Programme (EAP) was launched in 2019 to support graduate students in their transition to work. Through a Place-and-Train model, students receive skills training, guidance from job coaches, and therapeutic support. This ensures they graduate with the necessary skills for employment.

Gig Work Opportunities

Short-term gig work opportunities are good employment training grounds. Gig work provides a safe and flexible environment for clients needing additional support before being introduced to permanent external employment opportunities. These opportunities include in-house projects and external collaborators like the hospitality and F&B industries, with several of our clients securing permanent employment after these gig opportunities.