Disability & Inclusion (D&I)

If you are in a position of Leadership or a Change maker, this is for you.

Living and working with different people can expose individuals to new ideas and ways of thinking, challenging established norms and leading to new possibilities. By embracing diversity in hiring, organisations can tap into the full potential of their employees, fostering a culture of inclusion and belonging that can lead to increased engagement and better outcomes.

Organisations prioritising disability inclusion can benefit from a more stable workforce, increased productivity, and a better understanding of diverse perspectives and needs.

Singapore’s Enabling Mark accreditation program has recognised numerous organisations for their commitment to disability inclusion in employment. These organisations have demonstrated that being inclusive and empowering to people with disabilities can lead to clear business outcomes, such as a more stable workforce and increased productivity.

Organisations that embrace disability and inclusion better serve their customers and clients, as it allows for a better understanding of diverse perspectives and needs. This can lead to more innovative solutions and better outcomes for everyone involved.

Extra•Ordinary People's
Consultancy & Training Service

Extra•Ordinary People’s Consultancy & Training Service assists corporates who require support with best practices of Inclusive Employment at various levels.

Providing support for employers and co-workers on disability knowledge

Making adjustments to increase workplace accessibility

Training persons with disabilities and special needs in the area of independent travel and mobility

Extra•Ordinary People’s Disability and Inclusion arm specialises in breaking down work environments through task analysis to accommodate individuals with disabilities. If your organisation is interested in adopting an inclusive mindset and benefiting from the momentum of inclusivity, we invite you to contact us. We can assist in creating awareness, providing education, and facilitating successful inclusive hiring practices.

If you would like to understand how Disability and Inclusion go hand in hand and can benefit your organisation, do reach out to us at Extra•Ordinary People.