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About Creative Lab

Extra•Ordinary People’s Creative Lab is a vocational arts incubator tailored for individuals with an affinity for the visual arts. This unique initiative fosters personal growth by harnessing the power of visual expression. Under the guidance of skilled therapists, participants explore their creative potential, transforming artistic talents into fulfilling careers. 

We empower adults with intellectual disabilities in their artistic practice through the provision of materials, mentorship, and artist management. 

Programme Goals

  • Develop artist portfolio We assist participants in building a comprehensive and impressive artist portfolio. We aim to showcase their artistic growth and potential through various creative projects and guided exercises, preparing them for future endeavours.

  • Foster artistic creativity and self-expression We strongly believe in nurturing individual creativity and self-expression. By providing a supportive and encouraging environment, we encourage participants to explore their creative ideas freely, unlocking their unique creative voices.

  • Learn and experience technical art skills The Programme aims to equip participants with a diverse skill set to continue to refine and build upon previous experiences.

  • Encourage collaboration and social skills Collaboration is essential to the artistic world. We encourage participants to work with us as they delve into their creations.

  • Continuous engagement in social, communication and independent living skills enhances artistic abilities and supports overall personal development.

We provide a safe and inclusive space where participants can continuously practice and improve their social, communication, and independent living skills, empowering them to thrive in various aspects of life.

With the Creative Lab, we celebrate the artistic voices of these individuals, allowing them to make meaningful contributions to the broader artistic community.

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