What An Extra•Ordinary Celebration is about​

Since its inception in 2018, hundreds of Special Education (SPED) school performers have partnered, interacted and rehearsed with mainstream schools or organisations for their performances. Opportunities like this help nurture more embracing and understanding attitudes in our young, building the foundation for a more inclusive society.

Now in its fifth year, An Extraordinary Celebration has become a unique platform where participants with special needs interact, rehearse, and perform alongside their mainstream counterparts. By highlighting the abilities and talents of all participants, we aim to break barriers and create a sense of unity among diverse communities.

While bringing together a large group of performers with special needs presents its challenges, the support and understanding from everyone in attendance will result in valuable lessons learned and lasting bonds formed. An Extraordinary Celebration will entertain and inspire attendees to reflect on the importance of inclusivity in their lives and communities.

A Kaleidoscope of Love and Hope

Extra•Ordinary People is excited to present “An Extra•Ordinary Celebration”
on 15 November 2023 at the University Cultural Centre.
Experience “Kaleidoscope of Love and Hope” in a vibrant showcase of sound and colour!

Guest-of-Honour: Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam, President of the Republic of Singapore

This annual extravaganza is Singapore’s largest inclusive concert! Prepare to be swept away by a symphony of talents, a grand showcase of abilities, and an unforgettable evening of unity and inclusivity. Witness the sheer talent of more than 600 performers from special education and mainstream schools, as this keenly awaited collaboration of students promises to be a brilliant wash of spectacular music and dance. By highlighting the abilities and talents of all participants, we aim to break barriers and create a sense of unity among diverse communities.

This year, we are set to make history by organising the largest handbell ensemble in Singapore. Every individual present at the event will be part of this momentous performance, creating an opportunity for collective achievement and a potential entry into the Singapore Book of Records.

Schools and Partnering Organisations

Programme Booklet

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Revive, Revitalise & Reunite!

An Extraordinary Celebration 2022 was successfully held on 16 November 2022, making its grand return to the University Cultural Centre Hall at National University Singapore. After a two-year hiatus, 350 performers from 17 Special Education (SPED) schools, mainstream schools and organisations whisked the audience off on a 90-minute magical musical journey.

The concert showcased well-loved performing art forms like dance, festive drums and silat and introduced exciting new ones such as puppetry. Hand and shadow puppets were performed by the Extraordinary Puppeteers, a heartwarming group of children teaming with their parents.

The theme of the 2022 concert was “REVIVE, REVITALISE & REUNITE!” where performers reminded Singapore and the world about the diverse talents and abilities of the differently abled. They injected renewed energy through new art forms and reunited with performers, caregivers, volunteers and partners who contributed and grew with the concert.

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Schools and Partnering Organisations

Extraordinary People is grateful to our partners


  1. APSN Chaoyang School
  2. APSN Katong School
  3. APSN Tanglin School
  4. Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore School
  5. Chung Cheng High School (Yishun)
  6. Down Syndrome Association (Singapore) Extraordinary Puppeteers
  7. Grace Orchard School
  8. Hua Yi Secondary School
  9. Melbourne International School
  10. Maris Stella High School
  11. MINDS Towner Gardens School
  12. Ministry of Bellz
  13. Nanyang Girls High School
  14. Rainbow Centre
  15. Yishun Park School
  16. Raffles Girls’ School
  17. The GUILD International College

Video Highlights

Programme Booklet

Click here for the programme booklet.

Resilience Video

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Due to pandemic restrictions, ‘An Extraordinary Celebration’ could not be held. In its absence, Extraordinary People is delighted to share this video as a tribute to our clients, beneficiaries, caregivers, colleagues, and all those we’ve had the privilege of journeying with during these challenging times.

While uncertainties can overwhelm us, knowing that we have angels among us who provide unwavering support, we understand that the journey with special needs families continues.

Please watch until the end of the video, where each individual shares a word of encouragement with one another. It’s a testament to the circular system of support, where everyone uplifts each other.

A COVID-19 Story: Tim the Extra•Ordinary & Resilient mouse

The Story of Tim

The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 allowed Extraordinary People to help our children understand the events around them. Tim, our Extraordinary and Resilient mouse, narrated through his eyes, feelings and senses. Through Tim’s eyes, we wanted to put words and emotions to what our children might feel.

Ep 1: A story about Resilience
Tim explains what Covid-19 is and how we can stay positive during this extraordinary time.

Ep 2: My Little Fantasy World
Tim talks about the tasks he can help with while everyone must stay home. And also about gratitude for the people and things around him despite the uncertainties of Covid-19.

Ep 3: Mixed Feelings
In ‘Mixed Feelings’, he acknowledges that it is alright to be afraid. Disruptions to usual activities will take place for a while. He also shares ways to manage these worries.

Ep 4: Let’s Get Zen
Need help with calming yourself down and staying positive and relaxed? Find out how Tim does and focuses on the little things around him to keep his mind and body healthy.

Ep 5: The New Normal
Tim talks about the reopening of Singapore after the circuit breaker, the need to wear masks when we are out, and things we need to adjust to the new normal.

Ep 6: New Beginnings
‘New Beginning’ introduces children to our Beach Road Premises and the fun sessions they can expect when they arrive at our premises.

Ep 7: On a Journey in Singapore
With restrictions on travel in Singapore and around the world, we cannot travel overseas. Tim helps children acknowledge it’s normal to feel disappointed but encourages children to think about other ways of having fun.

Ep 8: Celebrating Chinese New Year
Tim shares how our Chinese New Year celebrations 2021 will be different from other years but still filled with much food and joy.

Ep 9: My World of Colours
Tim describes how we can care for our environment and adopt a more environmentally friendly approach to our day. This video also introduces Dale Chihuly’s art exhibition at Gardens by the Bay.

Home, Heart and Hope

An Extraordinary Celebration of 2019 was successfully held on 8 and 9 November 2019 at the University Cultural Centre Hall at the National University Singapore. Over the two days, we brought together more than 900 performers, 5,000 in the audience, and nearly 13,000 online viewers through the live streams on our Facebook page.

Themed “Home, Heart and Hope “, the event celebrated the artistic abilities of the performers who took to the stage in 24 inclusive teams made up of diverse members from 31 Special Education and mainstream schools, as well as 10 partner organisations, fully demonstrating the inclusive spirit of the event and the quality of arts training in our educational institutions.

Each show was graced by a different Guest-of-Honour, namely Ms Indranee Rajah, Second Minister for Education; Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, Minister for Foreign Affairs; Mr Sam Tan, Minister of State for Social and Family Development; and Mdm Halimah Yacob, President of The Republic of Singapore. We also had the honour of His Excellency Joseph Del Mar Yap, the Ambassador of the Republic of The Philippines to Singapore, to grace our second show.

Local performers were joined by guest performers from overseas, including Fun Forest Deaf Dance Crew presented by Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong, The Heart at Play Foundation from the Philippines, and G Star from Gigi Art of Dance in Indonesia.

Click here for the programme booklet.

Schools and Partnering Organisations

Extraordinary People is grateful to our partners:

  1. ACE 99
  2. ArtSE
  3. Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong
  4. B
  5. BNP Paris Wealth Management
  6. Caregiver Asia
  7. Cartoon Network Wave
  8. dfw Creative
  9. Goshen Art Gallery
  10. Ice Inc
  11. JEC
  12. MOB – Ministry of Bellz
  13. National University of Singapore
  14. Parkroyal on Beach Road, Singapore
  15. Samsui Supplies & Services
  16. Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant
  17. The Heart At Play Foundation
  18. The Parc Foundation
  19. Tropic Planners & Landscape
  20. UOB
  21. Schools
  22. APSN Katong School
  23. APSN Tanglin School
  24. Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong
  25. Bukit Merah Secondary School
  26. Casuarina Primary School Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore School Chung Cheng High School (Yishun)
  27. Grace Orchard School Holy Innocents’ Primary School
  28. Institute of Technical Education (Central)
  29. Kirana Seni
  30. Lighthouse School
  31. Marymount Convent School
  32. Methodist Girls’ School (Primary)
  33. Methodist Girls’ School (Secondary)
  34. Ministry of Bellz Rainbow Centre Yishun Park School
  35. Republic Polytechnic
  36. Saint Joseph’s Convent
  37. Singapore Special Voices
  38. SPARROWS St. Andrew’s Autism School – Students and Staff
  39. Tanglin Secondary School
  40. The Heart At Play Foundation (PARC Foundation)
  41. Yumin Primary School

Video Highlights

Programme Booklet

Click here for the programme booklet.

Inaugural Extra•Ordinary Celebration

On 10 November 2018, Extraordinary People presented An Extraordinary Celebration at Resorts World Theatre, a first-of-its-kind effort to celebrate inclusivity and appreciation for parents and educators in the special needs community, with the support of Official Venue Partner Resorts World Sentosa.

Extraordinary People was delighted to have Mr Ng Chee Meng, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office and Secretary-General of the National Trades Union Congress, grace the event as Guest of Honour. The event was Singapore’s largest inclusive concert, featuring more than 500 differently abled performers, comprising 15 inclusive teams of students from Special Education (SPED) schools partnering with mainstream schools or organisations. A robust 90-minute stage programme showcased various art forms such as aikido, circus arts, Latin dance and hand chimes.

The 1,400-strong audience enjoyed the concert alongside parents, educators and guests. It was the culmination of more than three months of rehearsals, with various schools and groups coming together to co-create their performance items. The process provided opportunities for partnering teams to interact and get to know one another, contributing to shaping an inclusive attitude.

Click here for the programme booklet.

Schools and Partnering Organisations

Extraordinary People is grateful to our partners: Resorts World Sentosa, BNP Paribas, Cartoon Network Wave, Ice Inc and Tropic Planners & Landscape, all the participating schools and organisations, and all other parties and volunteers who helped to make An Extraordinary Celebration such a resounding success!

  1. Aikido Shinju-Kai Organisation
  2. Allied Health Professionals (Rainbow Centre Yishun Park School)
  3. APSN Delta Senior School
  4. APSN Katong School
  5. APSN Tanglin School
  6. Boon Lay Secondary School
  7. Bukit Merah Secondary School
  8. Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore School
  9. Chalmers Wong and Magdalene Ong
  10. Damien Lim
  11. GRASIO Association (Singapore)
  12. Grace Orchard School
  13. Hua Yi Secondary School
  14. ITE West
  15. Jeanie Ng
  16. Jurong Secondary School
  17. Lily Goh
  18. Margaret Drive School
  19. Metta School
  20. Ministry of Bellz
  21. Pioneer Senior Diabolo Group
  22. Project Peach Community Care Outreach
  23. Raffles Girls’ School
  24. Raffles Institution
  25. Rainbow Centre
  26. Singapore Wong Loo Choh See Chee Choong Association
  27. Singapore Chinese Girls’ School
  28. Singapore Special Voices
  29. Andrew’s Autism School
  30. Tanglin Secondary School
  31. Yumin Primary School

Video Highlights

Programme Booklet

Click here for the programme booklet.