Autism Awareness Month: Dreams & Goals

April 2024: Autism Awareness Month

Extra•Ordinary People is highly committed to empower individuals with autism through community-supported initiatives. We asked our beneficiaries on the Autism Spectrum to share their goals and dreams. Here are some beautiful expressions of their aspirations in their own hands and voices.

By Jared Lee, age 20. Jared enjoys doodling and dancing.
By Crystal Liew, age 18. Crystal enjoys dancing and drawing.
By Ong Yew Kim, age 20. Yew Kim enjoys good food and making friends.
By Reuel Dylan, age 17. Reuel is an excellent still life artist and emcee.
By Daniel Tan, age 19. Daniel loves sports, especially badminton and basketball.
By Rusyaidi Rasman, age 22. Rusyaidi is good at IT and digital music composition.

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