Integrated Programme

Why consider the Integrated Programme?

The Integrated Programme offered by Extra•Ordinary People provides children and young adults a safe and creative environment to develop essential life skills that prepare them for employment or social engagement opportunities.

The program empowers individuals to learn, explore their curiosities, and build confidence through Art, Music, and Movement. Our collaborative, multi-disciplinary group approach has yielded even greater results.

Participants in our Integrated Programme will have access to classes that engage them through Art and Dance & Movement.

  • Art allows our participants to express themselves and gives them a voice to communicate their feelings. Artistic activities can also help improve your child’s self-esteem and self-awareness.
  • Dance & Movement instils steadiness and flexibility while increasing muscle strength and balance. It helps participants achieve physical milestones and improve their ability to follow directions and hand-eye coordination.

Your child will be part of a group of youth guided by SPED-trained instructors within our Centre. Participants who need more focus and training may initially be placed in a one-to-one setting until they have acquired adequate skills to be part of a small social group.

Learning through purposeful play can foster a sense of curiosity, improve problem-solving abilities, and enhance social interaction skills. It also facilitates the development of necessary cognitive, emotional, and social abilities while encouraging a positive and enjoyable learning experience.

With time and a right-fit approach, your child will develop their full potential in Extra•Ordinary People’s Integrated Programme and discover their strengths, cultivating deeper interests.

Extra•Ordinary People’s Integrated Programme sets the stage for your child to develop their talent further and be nurtured by our Creative Lab team, where skills can be used for vocations, creative careers, or various forms of self-expression.

Enrolment Process

Keen on having your child join us on this holistic journey?

  1. Our team will spend a session getting to know your child’s strengths and interests through a screening session and some informal observations.

  2. They will then take you through how our Integrated Programme can support your child in creativity and learning through play.

  3. You can then decide if Extra•Ordinary People’s Integrated Programme is where you and your child can grow.

  4. Our therapists and your family will then reach and agree upon an individualised plan.

Who Is Suitable?

We welcome persons with disabilities from ages seven and above.  

Participants are expected to be capable of basic self-care and should not engage in self-harming behaviours. Additionally, they should be able to follow simple instructions from our therapists. 

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