Inclusive Employment


Inclusive Employment

Our inclusive employment team, consisting of ability coaches, strives to enable active participation in the community for people with special needs and their families by reducing barriers in society through:

  • Increasing and improving sustained, meaningful employment opportunities and related skills for employees and employers
  • Advocating, educating and implementing accessibility principles and practices in the community


Our current programmes and projects are:

The Extra᛫Ordinary Apprenticeship Programme (EAP)

EAP supports and bridges inclusive employment opportunities by matching clients with potential inclusive employers. Work skills and psychosocial skills support for the client is provided by the ability coach both on-site and off-site. The employers also receive training, advice and support from the ability coach through education and workplace modification. Our past successes included placements with multiple F&B and horticulture companies.


Gig work opportunities

Short-term gig work opportunities have been identified as good employment training ground. Gig work protection provides a safe and flexibility environment for clients who may need additional support before being introduced to permanent external employment opportunities. Our multiple gig work opportunities consist of in-house projects as well as with external collaborators such as the hospitality and F&B industries. Several of our clients have secured permanent employment opportunities after these gig opportunities.

Basic Workplace Literacy and Numeracy Workshop

Designed by our inclusive employment team, we currently run basic workplace numeracy and literacy workshops for clients who are preparing to join the workforce. The ‘Basic Literacy for Job Application Process’ module prepares persons with special needs in understanding and using basic literacy required during the job application process. The ‘Basic Numeracy Concepts for the Workplace’ module aims to equip persons with special needs with essential workplace and daily living numeracy concepts.

Communication Accessibility Projects

Communication accessibility is the process of making both verbal and written information to be simple and easily understood. This is beneficial for people with additional communication needs as well as people who may not be proficient in either verbal or written English. Key methods of improving communication accessibility include training staff to be able to identify, communicate and support with communication differences as well as ensuring key written information is available in a format that is friendly to understand. As inclusive partners of Dale Chihuly: Glass in Bloom, Extraordinary People co-created the first communication accessible exhibition in Singapore in 2021.