Autism Awareness Month: Friendship & Independence

April 2024: Autism Awareness Month

At Extra•Ordinary People (EPL), we’re excited to witness two significant developments: our beneficiaries gaining more independence and forming solid friendships. This was evident recently with Alex and Hang, both on the autism spectrum and part of our Extra•Ordinary Music Company.

Our young musicians have been performing at various events, often with Alex’s grandpa accompanying him to EPL for lessons and rehearsals. While travelling independently might seem easy for many of us, individuals with autism sometimes struggle with the steps involved, like taking public transportation and following directions, along with the sensory challenges that come with it.

Last week, Alex took a courageous step by commuting to EPL using public transport. Though understandably anxious, his grandpa received updates from Alex, who arrived safely and punctually. After their session, Alex and Hang had dinner together and made their way home independently. Hang happily shared this experience on social media.

Alex’s grandpa felt a mix of emotions; he felt a tinge of sadness for not accompanying his grandson but was also proud to see him standing independently.

We thought we’d share this encouraging development this month, where we are focusing on the awareness and understanding of autism. Hooray!

Alex & Hang performing during EPL's Charity Golf 2023
Alex & Hang performing during EPL’s Charity Golf 2023

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