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Extra•Ordinary Campus

Journeying with Special Needs Youths – 18 years and above


As Singapore’s Enabling Masterplans 2030 highlight, there is a distinct lack of programmes that support both caregivers and Persons with Disabilities (PWDs). In particular, the situation is exacerbated by what is termed the cliff effect, referring to the period after children with disabilities finish special education at the age of 18. In recent years, the lack of continued education and training opportunities, as well as the limited vacancies in day activity centres has compounded the issue. Based on EPL’s internal survey, and feedback collected from direct caregivers of special needs children, low-income Singaporeans with disabilities do not have any other options, given their lack of economic capital and the availability of affordable and available options.


In responding to the identified needs, the main objective of Extra•Ordinary Campus is to mitigate the cliff effect of post 18 year old PWDs who are not meaningfully engaged and given the required development to be future ready. 

The Extra•Ordinary Campus programme cuts across employment and community settings which will equip PWDs with both necessary daily living skills and 21st century skills, with an end point of social integration. This also ties in with the disability skills framework introduced by SG Enable’s Enabling Academy.

In preparing the individual to transit into adulthood (18 and above), the Extra•Ordinary Campus programme is a full day engagement programme that focuses on building essential living skills, alongside vocational training to prepare the individual for open employment or to participate in social enterprise opportunities. In giving youths with disabilities a longer runway of support, we expect them to increase the possibilities of them engaging in society as independent and productive citizens.

The Extra•Ordinary Campus is a multi-stakeholder collaborative family centred initiative, with multi-pronged approach towards the provision of community-based support. Conducted in parallel with the school term system, the programme offers family-centred interventions to support PWDs and their caregivers towards sustainable community integration. During school holidays the student will continue with school holiday programmes specially curated for their ongoing development.

Highlights of the Extraordinary Campus

  • Supervised programmes for optimal social engagement, learning and discovery leading to increase employability
  • In and out of centre experiences for programme and vocational training
  • Extensive Caregiver support
  • Special Needs Qualified Medical doctor supported by network of community partners
  • 5 full days a week (Monday to Friday) from 9.00am to 5pm
  • Average class size to be 3 pax with lead trainer to be SPED trained

 Journeying with Caregiver

Recognising Caregivers as key stakeholders to the state of wellbeing for each child, EPL will play an integral role in supporting caregivers of youths of The Extra•Ordinary CampusProgramme to ensure the holistic development of the family, not limiting to the following:

  • Caregivers training programme (new caregivers especially, on various caregiving skills)
  • Caregivers and Students psychological development (by Psychologist)
  • Careconnect and care concierge support for caregivers (call centre support capability)
  • Counselling and Social Work support for caregiver (by Case manager, Counsellor)
  • Holistic Medical support for both Client and caregiver (By Medical Doctor)
  • Training for optimal state of mind (in house mental wellbeing programme)
  • Training for Orientation and Mobility (in house training programme)

The Extra•Ordinary Campus programme aims to ensure that young adults with disabilities, especially those facing adversity are better supported.  We do so to enhance their social mobility and social integration, empowering them to be better placed to face the possibilities of employment and independent living.  

For more enquiries on Extra•Ordinary Campus please contact us at 6286 5088 or email us at contact@extraordinarypeople.sg

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