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Talk 3: Connecting with your child using mind-body connection [PQ Method]

The Power of Mind-Body Connection is an interactive session that explores Positive Intelligence, combining mind-body fitness to strengthen the parent-child bond. Learn breathing exercises and movements to enhance self-awareness, empathy, and communication. Discover how mind-body connection positively impacts communication and conflict resolution. By applying these principles, parents can create a loving and nurturing environment, promoting […]


Extra•Ordinary Stars Concert 2023

The Star Performance Arts Centre 1 Vista Exchange Green

Experience the magic of human connection at the Extraordinary Stars Fundraising Concert! "Extraordinary Stars" is an exceptional evening dedicated to transcending boundaries and igniting hearts. The event's primary mission is to support three charitable organizations: Extra•Ordinary People, YMCA, and the Happee Hearts Movement. These charities are committed to nurturing the inner light within each individual, […]

Talk 2: Connecting with your Child Through Positive Intelligence

"Connecting with Your Child(ren) through Positive Intelligence: Empowering Positive Parenting" is a workshop that helps parents develop a good relationship with their kids. We talk about how positive words and thinking can make our families stronger. We learn practical ways to connect with our children, like listening and understanding their feelings. This workshop gives parents […]