Camp X – What a Weekend!

At Extra•Ordinary People, it is our daily privilege to journey with our beneficiaries. And now, thanks to the amazing organising team of volunteers led by Theresa Goh and Kethlyn G, […]

Free Course on Brain-Based Applied Neurology

Become more resilient by working with your body’s neurology for better overall mental and physical health, optimal performance and productivity at work, study, play and everything you do, no matter […]

Autism Awareness Month: A Magician’s Lesson

April 2024: Autism Awareness Month An insight into Cyril Takayama’s visit to Singapore in October 2023, hosted by Extra•Ordinary People, culminating in his guest performance at Extra•Ordinary Stars on Dec […]

Autism Awareness Month: Friendship & Independence

April 2024: Autism Awareness Month At Extra•Ordinary People (EPL), we’re excited to witness two significant developments: our beneficiaries gaining more independence and forming solid friendships. This was evident recently with […]

Autism Awareness Month: Be One of a Kind

April 2024: Autism Awareness Month Our extraordinary intern, Nat, has been making waves and breaking barriers in the workplace. His recent feature on The Pride sheds light on his journey […]

Autism Awareness Month: Rusyaidi’s Journey

Photo of Rusyaidi

April 2024: Autism Awareness Month In the tapestry of caregiving, every family’s story weaves a unique narrative of challenges, triumphs, and moments of growth. Meet Mdm Siti Rahayu, a dedicated […]