An Extra•Ordinary Community Art Project

Date: September 19, 2021

Extra•Ordinary People, in collaboration with Gardens by the Bay and Hustle & Bustle, initiated a heartwarming project to foster creativity and community connection during the isolating times of COVID-19.

The result was “An Extra•Ordinary Community Art Project,” featuring five captivating hanging chandeliers at the World of Plants and four engaging interactive domes in the Active Gardens.

This remarkable art display was created using recycled plastic bottles, symbolizing a collective effort for inclusivity, hope, and environmental sustainability.

Notably, it involved the dedication of over 4,600 participants and the upcycling of more than 18,000 bottles, with active support from over 59 organizations.

The project served as a testament to the power of unity and creativity, uplifting spirits and spreading awareness while transforming waste into beauty.

Feathered Friends’ Forest - A Heartwarming Art Installation

As part of Jurong Bird Park’s Easter Wonderland campaign in April 2022, Extra•Ordinary People proudly presented an enchanting art display with the support of delightful partners.

This remarkable art installation featured exquisite birds meticulously crafted from over 1,000 drink cartons, generously contributed by more than 15 community partners.

The vibrant and diverse creations, skilfully made by dedicated volunteers, formed a breathtaking sight that inspired all. Witnessing the community uniting to create art for a meaningful cause left a lasting impression.

Feathered Friends’ Forest showcased the beauty of inclusivity and the power of art to bring people together, positively impacting all who experienced its charm.