An Extra•Ordinary Celebration 2023 – A BIG THANK YOU

‘An Extra•Ordinary Celebration’ 2023, one of Singapore’s largest inclusive concert, was a spectacle to behold. Students from 11 special needs and 13 mainstream schools came together on 15 November 2023 and wowed our audience with song, dance and circus acts, bringing much joy to everyone present.

The grand multi-act performance was presented by Extra•Ordinary People and held at the University Cultural Centre Ho Bee Auditorium. We were honoured to host our Guest-of-Honour, President Tharman Shanmugaratnam and Mrs Tharman, at their first ‘An Extra•Ordinary Celebration’.

President Tharman emphasised the value of developing one’s talents despite difficulties, considering it a genuine and admirable ability. He urged recognising and respecting the talent inherent in the perseverance to overcome challenges, creating a diverse and proud tapestry of knowledge, skill, and effort.

We also like to add that, together for the first time in Singapore, we pulled off something pretty incredible – Singapore’s largest handbell ensemble – 1563 participants to be precise and entered into the Singapore Book of Records! Thank you all to all our sporting participants and guests!

Our hearts are full, and we cannot thank enough the countless people and organisations who came forward to help make ‘An Extra•Ordinary Celebration’ 2023 a resounding success – Special Education Schools and Mainstream Schools, the Show Production Team, Emcee, Venue Sponsor, Sponsors, Donors, Volunteers (including those from C&W, BNP and Temasek Polytechnic), the Extra•Ordinary People team, and, of course, the TRUE STARS – the Performers, their incredible Teachers and Instructors, and supportive Parents and Caregivers!

To those who embraced and supported our team during challenges, we appreciate you! Thank you for making ‘Kaleidoscope of Love and Hope’ truly awe-inspiring. Our hearts are full, and the success of this extraordinary celebration is a testament to the collective efforts and support from the community.

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