Extra•Ordinary Stars

Extra•Ordinary Stars 2023

Supporting Extra•Ordinary People, Happee Hearts Movement & YMCA Singapore, Extra•Ordinary Stars 2023 was an inaugural 100-minute fundraiser live show on Friday, 1 December 2023, 7.30pm, at Stars Performance Arts Centre. This magical performance arts extravaganza was in aid of the special needs and underprivileged community. It featured a stellar cast of award-winning international, regional, and local artists, such as A-Lin and Cyril Takayama.

Venue: The Star Performance Arts Centre
Date: 1st December 2023, Friday
Time: 7pm FOH open, Show starts 8pm


Extra•Ordinary International Stars Cast

Extra•Ordinary Stars Cast

Extra•Ordinary Singapore Stars Cast

Extra•Ordinary Taiwan Stars Cast

5N Academy New Arts Street Dance Class Team Teachers

5N Academy Hip Hop Dance Team

Video Highlights

The Making of ExtraOrdinary Stars

Cyril’s Extra•Ordinary Journey (long version)

Cyril’s Extra•Ordinary Journey (short version)

Programme Booklet

Click here for the programme booklet.