[Press Release 8 Nov 2022] Get Ready for an Inclusive Concert by Extra•Ordinary People

Revive, Revitalise and Reunite! 

Come celebrate all abilities with music and performances by over 350 talents from special needs and mainstream organisations. 

(Singapore, 8 November 2022) Extra•Ordinary People welcomes back the very much anticipated inclusive concert that celebrates diverse abilities and talents whilst showing appreciation to all caregivers and educators in the special needs community. This year’s concert will be graced by President Halimah Yacob as the Guest-of-Honour, and will be held at the Ho Bee Auditorium, University Cultural Centre, National University of Singapore, on 16 November 2022 (Wednesday). 

After a two-year hiatus, 350 performers from 18 Special Education (SPED) schools, mainstream schools and organisations are thrilled to whisk the audience off on a 90-minute magical musical journey. The concert will showcase well-loved performing art forms like dance, festive drums, silat, and introduce exciting new ones such as puppetry. Hand and shadow puppets will be performed by the Extra•Ordinary Puppeteers, a heartwarming group made up of children with special needs teaming with their parents. [See Annex A for Show Programme] 

Since the inaugural edition in 2018, hundreds of performers from Special Education (SPED) schools have partnered, interacted and rehearsed with mainstream schools or organisations for their performances. It is through this process that Extra•Ordinary People seeks to nurture more embracing and understanding attitudes in our young, building the foundation for a more inclusive society. 

The theme of this year’s concert is “REVIVE, REVITALISE & REUNITE!” where Extra•Ordinary People and the performers remind Singapore and the world about the diverse talents and abilities of the differently abled, inject renewed energy through new art forms, and reunite with performers, caregivers, volunteers and partners who have contributed and grown with the concert. 

More than just a concert, An Extra•Ordinary Celebration is a journey and a process towards a society built on empathy, compassion and diversity. In coming together to celebrate diversity, individuals from all walks of life – no matter their age or abilities – are given the opportunity to form meaningful friendships with those around them. 

Date:16 November 2022 

Time: 7.00 PM – 8.30 PM 

Venue: Ho Bee Auditorium, University Cultural Centre, NUS 

Guest-of-Honour: Madam Halimah Yacob, President of the Republic of Singapore 


About Extra•Ordinary People 

Extra•Ordinary People is a charity and Institute of Public Character established since 2017 that aims to support every person with special needs in Singapore and their caregivers through community-supported initiatives. Using a family-centred approach, Extra•Ordinary People hopes to build an inclusive and Extra•Ordinary Singapore. For more information, please visit: www.extraordinarypeople.sg. 


Annex A: Show Programme

 No.  Performance Title  Presented By 
1  Musical Medley & Singing  Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore School 
2  Extra•Ordinary Colours  Extra•Ordinary People, Ministry of Bellz, Raffles Girls’ School 
3  RE: Energize  Grace Orchard School 
4  Thunder  Grace Orchard School 
5  Groovin with DSA  Down Syndrome Association (Singapore) 
6  Circus Arts  APSN Katong School 
7  Bambajam – Rhythms  Grace Orchard School 
8  Urban Beats  MINDS Towner Gardens 
9  Latin Samba  APSN Tanglin School, 

Nanyang Girls’ High School 

10  Believe  Melbourne International School, The GUILD International College 
11  Take it to the Floor  APSN Chaoyang School 
12  Art of Fighting  APSN Tanglin School 
13  Ethnic Beats  APSN Tanglin School 
14  Pacing Steps  Rainbow Centre Yishun Park School, Chung Cheng High School (Yishun) 
15  Fantastico  Metta School, Hua Yi Secondary School 
16  Heart Beat of the Music  APSN Tanglin School, 

Maris Stella High School 

17  We Will Get There  Wee Wei Ling, Extra•Ordinary People, Ministry of Bellz, Raffles Girls’ School 


Annex B: About Founders of Extra•Ordinary People 

Wee Wei Ling, Co-founder


Ms Wee Wei Ling is the Executive Director (Asset, Lifestyle & Corporate Social Responsibility) of Pan Pacific Hotels Group. She is responsible for overseeing the asset management of the hotel properties owned by the Pan Pacific Hotels Group, the management of the group’s lifestyle brands St. Gregory and Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurants, as well as the Corporate Social Responsibility strategy of the Group.


In 2011, she was appointed Chairperson of Project We Care, a joint initiative between People’s Association and the private sector in Singapore to encourage corporate volunteerism. Under Ms Wee’s leadership, Project We Care has successfully brought on board more than 300 companies to date.


Ms Wee is passionate about performing arts and believes it has the ability to uplift spirits and instill confidence. In her ongoing quest for knowledge and self-enrichment, she currently holds a Grade 6 certificate in Singing and Grade 5 certificate in Music Theory from the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, and is pursuing the next grade of certification.


Wee Boo Kuan, Co-founder


Mr Wee Boo Kuan is a businessman with more than 30 years of experience in the field of Health and Wellness. He has a strong interest and experience in ecological Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability initiatives (LOHAS). He was instrumental in establishing Singapore’s first certified organic farms under Biological Farmers of Australia (BFA) in the late 1990s and was involved in the wholesale and retail of organic products (Brown Rice Paradise) in Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and Australia. He initiated the development of a range of Australian certified organic personal care line and obtained organic certification for a hotel in Western Australia.


In commemorating his father Wee Cho Bian’s 25th year of passing, Mr Wee decided to co-found Extra•Ordinary People. In close collaboration with the business community and other charities, Extra•Ordinary People will focus on the special needs community in Singapore, contributing to a more inclusive and vibrant community.